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  • Wendy Savill

Poem time

Thanks to Max Berridge for sharing some of his work with us, very thought provoking. We hope he will share more of his work with us soon.

For those who ain't felt it first hand, will find it hard to understand.

For the ones who are suffering, it's like their life's on non stop buffering.

We smile around you, 'cause we don't want you feeling like "I do".

Wondering what life's gonna be like, and will it be worth the fight.

For a care free gaze can set us up a blaze.

We feel sorry for the ones that we love, the ones that feel they didn't do enough.

It's hard to live through such pain without seeing any gain.

To the darkness we are a slave, while it slowly digs our grave.

To act like we're not afraid, but in our brain begins a raid.

As our happiness gets arrested, we try hard to best it.

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