Here are the people that work hard behind the scenes all year round to

raise the profile, raise awareness and raise the funds to keep this going. 


Alan and Wendy Savill

Alan and Wendy are the founders of Ian's Chain in 2013 after the loss of Ian.  They work tirelessly to promote the work of Ian's Chain through events, presentations, talking to individuals both outwardly and behind the scenes.


Mark and Sally Hammond

Mark and Sally are dear friends of the Savills and were quick to offer their help in the running of Ian's Chain.  They put forward new ideas and help in all manner of ways behind the scenes and practically at events.

Martin and Cathy Cowie

Martin and Cathy are also dear friends of The Savills and offer logistical assistance with events as well as forward planning with new ideas. 

Staci Black

Staci Black organises the annual SavFest gigs in Philadelphia from start to finish - it would not happen without him.  He is a great support of Ian's Chain

USA representative

Donn Parent

Donn is very vociferous in campaigning for Suicide Prevention and is a key cog in the USA SavFest wheel.  Very forward thinking and a great supporter of Ian's Chain

USA representative

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