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Here are the people that work hard behind the scenes all year round to raise the profile,

raise awareness and raise the funds to keep this going. 




Alan and Wendy Savill



Martin & Cathy Cowie

Dan Reed.jpg

Dan Reed


Mark & Sally Hammond


KF 2.jpg

Staci Black


Kealey Farmer

Pete K Mally


Edward Schwegel


Nicko McBrain

Any charity is nothing without a strong committee and patrons. We, as founders are delighted to have such a team who we hold dear to our hearts. Martin and Cathy were the first people to support us after Ian died. Their love and generosity will never be forgotten. Sally and Mark were also there from the start of this journey. We are blessed to have them at our side. Steve and Louisa hold the same core values as us and again have the empathy and resilience to make things happen. Our friends across the Atlantic Staci and Ed have worked tirelessly in creating and performing at SavFest USA. 

Our patrons are amazing. We asked Dan after a gig to be a patron and he jumped at the chance. His speech at the first big SavFest showed him to be such kind and thoughtful man. His lyrics resonate with us more than we can describe.

Kealey is a supremely talented artist who donated her work for our fundraising, she has proved her ability to help others in crisis and did a marvelous job.

Pete needs no introduction for those of you in the music world.  He enthusiastically compered our SavFest 2021 and after lengthy chats we knew he fully embraced what we are trying to do and why.  He is a great comedian and published author too!  When we asked him to have a think about becoming a patron, he needed no time to think about it.

Lastly Nicko is one of the kindest friends I've ever known. He has flown thousands of miles to attend events, donated prizes, organised autograph sessions with his band Iron Maiden. Ian loved Maiden and it was fitting that an Iron Maiden song was played at Ian's funeral. A brilliant drummer who is humble and always makes me smile. Thank you to all of you. We couldn't do this without you Love Alan and Wendy XX

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