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How we can help

Ian's Chain was formed in 2013, since that time we have successfully:

  • prevented over 100 suicide attempts by using recognised techniques and safety plans

  • supported over 150 families across the UK who are grieving after the suicide of a loved one

  • supported various groups who are deemed as particularly vulnerable

  • forged proactive working partnerships with Rock Against Child Pornography & Abuse (RACPA) and domestic abuse professionals

  • organised breaks for families in crisis 

We do this by using qualified counsellors and other experts with learned experiences.  We treat every person as an individual and without time constraints.  

All our volunteers are fully conversant in safe guarding procedures and have, at their fingertips, a plethora of recognised and evidenced referral streams if deemed necessary.

Call with confidence that you will be treated without prejudice or judgement - your life matters.

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