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Future plans


  • to produce a catalogue of online and classroom based training.  Titles to include the grief process for children and young people after suicide; the prevention of suicide in the workplace, suicide intervention techniques, self esteem for young people and self help relaxation

  • reintroduction of self help groups in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire

  • a bespoke service for the Asian community to support men and women in abusive relationships who are suicidal


  • to increase our working partnerships in order to eradicate the feeling of hopelessness for those involved or on the periphery of CCE, CSE, gang culture and other forms of criminalisation

  • to prevent suicidal ideology for refugees and asylum seekers by linking to other charitable organisations

  • to upskill our volunteer network

  • to become a recognised lobbyist in suicide legislation and support


The Ian's Chain charity receives NO government funding and relies solely on the generosity of the public. 

Recent figures released by Dr Sharon McDonnell show that in the UK c.900,000 are directly affected by suicide every year.  Our services are sadly a necessity.  

Every penny donated goes directly to help those in need and all volunteers are unpaid. 


Please follow the link to donate                           

Thank you.

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