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  • Wendy Savill

Are you the judge?

What makes you the judge? Over the last few weeks, I have seen so many posts, particularly on Linked In from people slating others about what they are posting about. Now I'm not the most tech savvy of people or a social media queen but they way I see it, if somebody is taking the time to post something on their own page, feed, handle, whatever it is, then it is entirely up to them, right? I am amazed at how many people take the time out of their day to post a negative comment with things like "save this for Facebook", "this is supposed to be for business related posts" or "this doesn't belong here" or equally as disparaging. Who wrote the rules? Who is the gate keeper? Why are we suddenly becoming the judge? If somebody wants to post something personal that means something to them, let them do it without passing judgement. If you don't wish to read it, then just scroll on by, it really isn't doing anyone else any harm at all and it may just make them feel better about whatever it is they are writing about.

A negative comment is the one that will stick with the person it is aimed much longer than 1000 positive ones. Don't be that person that makes somebody else feel crap about themselves. Remember the #bekind? Try to think of that before reaching for that keyboard.

Having said all that, maybe the judge is having a bad day themselves and I get that, really I do but please try to reach out and deal with your frustrations without making another person feeling bad. Yes, we're all entitled to our own opinions, absolutely we are but sometimes it is best not to air them publicly.

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