There have been so many people and organisations who have helped us along the way so far and we are thankful.  There are far too many to mention but we would like to thank the following ongoing supporters:

Supporters of Ian's Chain


Ian's Chain are very proud to have Dan Reed as our patron.  He fully supports our cause and has offered his empathy and understanding along the journey.

Dan was the headlining act at 2 UK SavFest gigs and we thank him wholeheartedly for all he does for us.

Bridge Training, based in Gloucester have been a proud supporter of Ian's Chain since the very start and we are thankful to them.

FCL Logistics are an essential cog in the wheel of how Ian's Chain organise various events and make for a smooth running of them all.

Sally Newhouse is band/gig photographer extrodinaire and we thank her and Keith for their fantastic pics taken at Summer SavFest 2014.  They truly capture the spirit of things.


One of the tattoo artist greats, currently based in Philadelphia.  The SavFest USA gigs would never have happened without his hard work and determination.

Donn Parent, drummer of great band Far Cry.  Donn has done a lot for suicide awareness in USA and Ian's Chain are proud to have his great support.

Ian's Chain are extremely grateful to both Marshall Amps and Premier Drums for the great support shown at Summer SavFest 2014/5, making our bands very happy.

Martin Short has been involved in the music scene for many years.  We are very lucky to have him as a great friend and supporter of Ian's Chain.


Ian's Chain are very pleased to also have Kev Hewick as a patron.  Kev has always been and continues to be very prolific in the music industry and a very keen supporter of Ian's Chain. 

The Zombie Hut in Corby is a fantastic gig venue which we will be at in September 2015 for our SavFest.

Binks Photography 

is definitely one to watch.  The amazing shots they produce capture the essence and the energy of any subject. 

Stagedive Photgraphy specialises in rock photography and we thank Tony for his amazing pics. 

We are very proud to be one of the benefitting charities, along with VASL, for Mo'ket Harborough.  

Random Cabs based in Market Harborough are a great local company who know the value of our work and have raised fabulous funds for us.

Thanks to all there.


The awesome Swampbox drummer, Ed is the only one to have played at all SavFest USA gigs to date.  We thanks him for his continuing support.

Melissa DeBrigida, is US photo journalist and owner of Music Matters Media Productions and Ian's Chain thank her for her great photos and reviews of SavFest USA.